You’re worth more than you think!

Many of my female clients tell me that when it comes to asking for money they automatically question their value, their worthiness or their ability to deliver their service.  They fear that no one will want to work with them or aren’t sure themselves what their services are worth.

If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re definitely not alone.

Why is it so difficult to place a value on our services?

Because asking for money brings up so many of our insecurities, doubts, and fears.  We’re scared to look money in the face, command it, and unclear about our own worthiness.

At the root of this money challenge is fear, shame, doubt and insecurity.  Am I good enough? How do I put a value on what I offer? Will people pay me for this service? Did I give them great results? If you don’t feel worthy it’s going to show up in the clients you attract, the way you interact with them and the fees you charge, and the amount of money you make.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be difficult and you can learn to ask for money with more ease and confidence.  Here are a few things I’ve learned in my business that have made it simple and easy to charge what I’m worth and get it.

1.) Remember that you’re an entrepreneur and you’re a business.  As a business you must make money to operate or you’ll be out of business

You are worth your time, you must pay your bills on time and your income is meant to take care of yourself and your family.

2.) Eliminate bartering, discounting or giving away your services

It’s so important to understand that when you barter, give away or discount your services you also expect others to do the same.  Beneath it all you’re expecting others to take care of you and you’re handing over your power.  If you value other peoples’ services, you will learn the value of your own services and ultimately you will learn to stop sabotaging your own business through bartering, giving away or discounting your services.

3.) Continual commitment to business development and personal growth significantly contributes to a sense of worth, self-value and success

Getting to the next level in business requires getting to the next level of thinking and action.  Figure out what you need to do to grow your business and invest in the coaching or service that’s going to get you there.

4.) Setting boundaries around money will create more of it (and more freedom too)

It can really tempting and so easy to discount your prices when you’re unsure of your value or you think that someone can’t afford your service.  Resist telling yourself that a person can’t afford your service and simply make your offer without apologizing about the cost or offering a discount.  Setting boundaries around money will eliminate attracting either the wrong types of clients or attracting needy and demanding clients.

5.) Create an environment in which you will thrive

Surround yourself and build a supportive network of positive colleagues, connections, family and friends.  This will have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself, your value and it will spill over into your business and your life.

6.) Making money with ease is okay

Believing that money can flow easily and effortlessly into your life will help you claim your power around worthiness.  We all have some type of money belief(s) based on our conditioning around money and when you give yourself permission to make money with ease, you will uproot the beliefs that have been sabotaging your income.

7.) Being nice and earning awesome money are not mutually exclusive

Many women feel the need to be nice – or to be seen as nice. This belief puts a lot of women in a mindset that earning a lot of money is dirty or that they’re materialistic.  The truth is that making awesome money provides you the resources to take care of yourself and help others so that the greater good can do well.

While asking for money can be hard it does get easier.  When you become crystal clear about your value and your worth, you can begin to see the bigger picture of why asking for what your worth really does help you to help more people.  I know you started your business with a passion to impact people’s lives and make a bigger contribution.  Once you feel your value in your heart, own your worth and you know what to charge, then it’s time to ask for it without hesitation and receive it with love and gratitude.


Mary Billerbeck is a business and money coach who leads female entrepreneurs in transforming their relationship with money and mastering their mindset so that they can charge what they are worth, create amazing success in their businesses and live the life of their dreams.

Mary’s vast experience and unique approach is key to helping female entrepreneurs overcome their obstacles, recognize their one-of-a kind talents and strengths, and live a life of unlimited joy and happiness. She can be reached at: or