The Secret is: There is no Secret

It seems like there is a lot of talk out there about the secret to success in business and in life.  It also seems like a lot of people are looking for “the secret” to be more productive, to make money quickly, to being happier, and so on.  In fact, I routinely see offer after offer that supposedly will show me the secret to making six figures (and beyond), or the secret to success in life.

The allure of  a secret  is that it’s somehow going to reveal everything you need to know and is so powerful because it implies that others have some hidden knowledge that you don’t have.  But the secret is…there are no secrets to success or happiness or whatever it is that you want to change.  What I’ve found is that these so-called secrets turn out to be nothing more than a quick-fix gimmick that make you think it’s easy to change or solve any problem you may have.

The reality I see around the word secret is that it’s commonly as a marketing strategy but not one that results in   real lasting change or success.  It’s true that people discover new things, which were previously unknown, and these discoveries can be really big and even have the power to change lives. However, the issue behind the so-called secrets is the hype that they are somehow going to completely transform your existence.

Changing our beliefs and habits take work at the very least and usually require hard work and time to implement. There is no magic pill for real and lasting change because true transformation involves no quick fixes and real growth can be very challenging.  It may not be as glamorous or alluring but it will be authentic and genuine.

Like you, I also strive to be the best person I can in life and create a really great business that makes a big impact on others.  Here are a few of the skills and habits I embrace and practice that help me to accomplish these goals:


My goal is to focus on one thing at a time because I definitely can’t multi-task.  I also focus in increments of time both in work and in play, although my work feels like play, so that I can devote my entire focus to whatever I’m doing.  By the way, multi-tasking is a myth with the exception of a few people who can truly do something called switch-tasking in their brain.


The more clear I become about what I want and need and what I want to give and share, the more I feel aligned and passionate about my life and my business.


Building resilient has helped me to embrace the good and the bad.  Being resilient helps me to bounce back when things don’t work out as planned, adjust more easily to changes, difficulties and failures and recover more quickly from illness, which helps me keep my focus on the bigger picture.

Ultimately, I believe that life is a process of gaining insights, evolving, learning and growing, and taking action.  I think it’s a balance between listening to our rational mind and to what’s in our hearts.


Mary Billerbeck is a business and money coach who helps female entrepreneurs embrace and unleash their inner power and brilliance so that they can create their most amazing business and life that is in alignment with their heart, soul, and deepest desires.

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