The Health & Wealth Connection: Take Care of Your Health and Your Wealth Will Follow

By Mary Billerbeck, President of Financially Fit Livingmary_billerbeck

A recently released by St. Louis, Missouri’s Washington University study found that there is the link between healthy retirement savings and health habits.The study, found that existing retirement contribution patterns and future health improvements are highly correlated.

The health/wealth connection makes sense. Think about it. If you are constantly waking up in the middle of the night because you’re worried about money or ignoring regular doctor visits because you feel guilty spending money on yourself, both of these actions will eventually catch up with you and reflect in both your health and wealth. What you believe about money can impact your health and well-being.

How you think, believe, and behave with your money are intimately connected to how you take care of yourself and move through life. Chances are that if you are ignoring your health and wealth, you aren’t taking care of anything else in your life either!

This begets the question . . . how do you handle your money? For many of us, we never really learned how to manage or take care of our personal finances and have continued on this path throughout our lives. Unfortunately, it is all too common that our financial lives become fraught with fear, confusion and chaos, which also wreak havoc on our relationships, emotions, and physical health.

Wealth and health are connected to everything you do in life. My work with wealthy individuals and high-earning professionals has taught me that no one is immune to money issues.

Although my clients desire to take care of their money and take care of themselves, living a wealthy and healthy life eludes them. Many of us (me included at one time), are in the same boat. We just can’t figure out how to make everything work financially, even though we’re making excellent money, so that we can take care of ourselves and create our most “extraordinary” life possible.

My Story

Many years ago, I was struggling with everything in my life, including my personal finances. Even though I was making a great income, I couldn’t hold onto any of it. I had little savings, wasn’t taking care of myself, and I wasn’t any having fun. As a matter of fact, I realized I was repelling money and using it to take care of others and buying stuff to distract me from my “un-extraordinary” life.

To make a long story short, I come from a history of violence and abuse, and in my mind, this was my excuse for having money issues, bad relationships, and no fun at all.

One of my most important realizations was–I hadn’t learned to value myself. I learned that how you do money is how you do life. The truth of my story is that once I figured out my money, and my value, I was able to purge my destructive patterns and replace them with positive, life affirming changes that made me more financially fit.

Another key thing I learned was how to change my mindset around money. I became acutely aware of the negative thoughts and stories I was telling myself about my personal finances and realized how it impacted everything in my life.

One of the more important strategies I took up, and continue to practice to this day, is being mindful and aware about my thoughts, beliefs and actions around money.

To sum it up–once your realize that your health and wealth are connected; learn to value yourself; change your mindset about money; and practice mindfulness; this combination can help make your health and wealth soar beyond your wildest dreams! Try it!

Mary Billerbeck is a Money Coach who helps female entrepreneurs emotional peace with money, charge what their worth, create a profitable business that they love, and have more fun in life. She can be reached at: or .