Quick Ways of Finding 5 New Clients this Month

Does it seem like your income is more of a constant ebb rather than a steady flow?  If you’re working diligently on one part of your business but not paying much attention to your marketing,  you’ll feel it a few weeks later when you’re wondering why you have very few, if any, new clients at which point, panic sets in and you try desperately to bring on more clients.  But it doesn’t work.

I see this frequently: women unconsciously sabotaging their income by putting marketing on the back burner which in turn causes a shortage of clients and inconsistent income.  This causes not only a dip in income but also can lead to a scarcity mindset followed by frantic action and a feeling of inadequacy or low self-worth.

I feel for you because I’ve been there, but I’ve learned a few things since my early entrepreneur days.   Now that I know better, I want you to know better too.   After all, as female entrepreneurs we’re doing what we love to support our dreams, right?  To continue doing the work we love, our business must have a constant flow of clients and income.  Hence, if our marketing is sporadic so is our ability to create a constant flow of clients and income.

I can hear you asking….so, what’s the solution?

In my experience, the first and most important step is to decide that you are ready to break free from this self-sabotaging cycle.  Once you declare and commit to this decision your goal becomes clear: to create a repeatable marketing strategy that generates a steady stream of clients and ever increasing income to grow your business and support your dreams!

Here are some of my favorite tips to quick start your marketing so that you can quickly and easily bring on as many as 5 new clients this month (if not more).


Tip #1

Offer a new service to an existing client, even if you’ve done it before.  Do you have a new program or training that will help them grow their business or make more money?  How about a VIP day?  Even if you’ve offered them new programs or services before, chances are they won’t want to pass up a new opportunity to achieve bigger and better results in their business.

Tip #2

Ask your clients for a referral.  I’ve found that current and past clients would just love to refer someone they know to you, but sometimes they just get busy and forget or aren’t thinking about it when the opportunity arises.  So, make it simple for them.  Draft a short, friendly email for them to invite someone they know to a Strategy Session with you.  Ask your client to send it to a minimum number of people they know that want results and would be a great fit for working with you.

Tip # 3

Follow-up and reconnect with past leads.  When I reconnect with past leads I almost always find that they are in the same situation as when they first contacted me for help.  In other words, they haven’t achieved the results that they say they want and so they still need your help.  Why not present them with an opportunity.   Here’s a quick little template you can use when reconnecting with past leads.

“Hi (name), this is (your name/title) and we met/spoke a while ago (make it specific).  How are you?  I really wanted to reconnect with you to find out how your business is going and if you’ve achieved the goals (again you can get specific with their goals)?  And if not, let’s talk about how I can help you.”

Tip# 4

Host an informal workshop or event.  The opportunity to spend even a couple hours with you in person is a great way to get people excited about how you can help them solve a specific problem.  Plus, they get to know you in person and that builds a level of trust.  Ask each of your guests to bring a friend or colleague who has similar issues and watch your event quickly fill up.


Host a sale and include a free Strategy Session.  Do you have any recorded content just lying around? If so, then it’s time to offer this content to your list and include a Strategy Session as a bonus.  Strategy Sessions are an excellent way to connect with people who need your help and can quickly and easily lead to new clients.


Mary Billerbeck is The Money Mindset Coach who leads female entrepreneurs in transforming their relationship with money, and creating amazing success in their businesses and their lives.  She can be reached at: mary@financiallyfitliving.com or www.financiallyfitliving.com.