Is Your Money Mindset Holding you Back? Here Are Some Tips

By Mary Billerbeck, President of Financially Fit Living

Do you desire to build a prosperous business and an abundant life but feel that you are continually blocked around money?

If you’ve ever told yourself things like: ‘I’m no good with money,” “I’m not worthy” or “rich people are greedy,” then you may have an unconscious belief system that is holding you back. It’s these unconscious beliefs that you have around money that limit your ability to create what you really want.Road sign concept with the text Financial

Unfortunately, these unconscious beliefs have quite a hold on us. They are deeply ingrained into not only our beliefs, but our habits and our way of life as they date back to childhood.

A recent University of Cambridge study found that money habits and beliefs, including the ability to plan ahead and delay gratification, are formed in early childhood by the age of 7. Some researchers and professionals believe that it’s not possible to reverse these beliefs later in life, but I can assure you, that’s not the case.

Although confronting these beliefs and changing them can be scary, it’s imperative to begin living the prosperous and abundant life that you want. Transforming your mindset and habits takes awareness and practice. After all, you might have been holding onto those old, negative beliefs for 10 or 20 years or longer.

It takes time to create your new beliefs and mindset and transform your relationship with money. Here are a few simple things you can practice on a daily basis to make this happen:

– Listen to what you’re saying to yourself about money: is it negative is it an old belief?

– Pause when you find yourself in negativity and reframe it into a positive thought or statement.

– Realize if you’re triggered in certain situations or around certain people. It’s important to surround yourself around other supportive and abundant people.

– Be intentional with your money habits and behaviors.

As you practice your new money beliefs and habits, you’ll be able to make better choices, set clear goals, and establish priorities. You’ll find yourself living with less stress, more happiness, and more abundance in your life because you’ll know what you want and how to get it.

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