Earn What You’re Worth?

Throughout my journey as a business owner, and previously in my employed career, I’ve done a lot of conscious work on my “money mindset”– feeling confident and at peace with making and spending money, and charging what I’m worth. I’ve had to examine my underlying beliefs around charging what I’m worth, investing in my business AND myself, and joyfully spending money in a way that supports the life I want to live.

What I’ve found is that our “money mindset” is about so much more than the actual money we earn and that we need to look at it from a different perspective.

“You are worth more than money”

You are worth more than money. I know this can be hard to grasp if you’re starting out in business or unclear about how to earn more in your career. Because, let’s face it, we need money to support ourselves and our families.
And then when we’re finally ready to figure out how to earn what we’re worth, all the “money stuff” comes up and the emotional turmoil begins.

Here’s what I want you to know:

You are PRICELESS.  This includes your time, talent, and skills  So, how do you put a price on your time, talent, and skills without compromising your boundaries?

It’s about value- VALUING yourself and your time.

If you find yourself constantly compromising your time to make things work for others, even when it doesn’t work for you, I want you to change this right now.  When you constantly compromise yourself and your time to please others, you’re setting yourself up for resentment and disappointment as well as sabotaging your self-worth and when it comes right down to it, your life.

I remember early in my business I felt like I had to take on every client, even if they weren’t good fit, and fill every minute of my schedule to please everyone else or I wouldn’t be able to make much money.  But I realized just how priceless my time was when I was working 7 days a week, including evenings, and found that I still couldn’t please everyone. This experience highlighted the need to create boundaries around my business, so that I could have way more time and fun outside of my business – yay!

So, remember this: You don’t have to do everything that people ask of you. By setting boundaries, you can be the best you and practice loving self-care, something that many woman struggle with.

Working in Your Brilliance

Another way to value yourself and your time is to work only in your brilliance. I want you to become very clear about doing only the work that lights you up and makes you shine most brilliantly, despite the fact that you’re good at many different things.  When I started my business I thought that because I was good at what I did, it meant that I should work with everyone from individuals and couples to parents, children, and families and beyond. Whew! I feel exhausted just reading that.

What I grew to understand was that I shined most brilliantly when I was working with female entrepreneurs and professional women because I just love, love, love working with this audience.  I learned to let go of the rest so I could be (and give) my best.

So, now when people outside of my ideal audience contact me I say, “I’m really sorry, I don’t do that type of coaching anymore”, and I refer them on. Even when they are insistent, and although it would add to my income, I stick to my boundaries.  Because my boundaries around my time, giving my best and only doing the coaching I love is worth far more to me than that actual money I could receive by doing the coaching that I don’t love.

Remember, you can do a lot because of course, you’re awesome, but it doesn’t mean that you have to.

The takeaway here is this: Are you valuing yourself and your time? How can you set boundaries and learn to let go of the rest so that you can be your best and value YOU?